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Salary Account

Sant Nagebaba Multistate Salary Accounts offer employees seamless and convenient access to their salaries. Open a Salary Account that is most appropriate for your employees' job profiles and let them enjoy a myriad of added benefits, including special debit cards. Help your employees to conveniently keep a tab on their salary and reimbursements.

There are 6 different kinds of salary accounts depending on the nature of work. The accounts differ in various ways like the daily withdrawal limit, shopping limit, kind of debit card and so on. The special employee delights and added benefits are what makes Sant Nagebaba Multistate Salary Accounts the best in class. Benefits ranging from Senior ID cards for senior citizens, domestic travel plans and higher interests to dining delights, cashback on movie tickets, etc. are provided to different salary bank accounts. Priority Salary Account holders are in for special treats while defence personnel have special privileges as well. Get the complete list of all these specialised benefits and open a Salary Account that best suits your employees' needs.

Higher Interest
Cashback & Offers
Instant Debit Card
Online Banking
Earn higher interest on daily balances, quarterly
Enjoy zero opening deposit and monthly balance requirement
Free, Unlimited Chequebook and DD/Pay Orders

To open this account, you must have introduction from the company in the Bank's format (Stamped and Signed by the authorized signatory). You must also provide the below documents for Primary, Joint Applicant and/or Joint Applicants application. These documents are most preferred, but for a full List of permissible Address and ID proof documents.

Two latest passport size photographs
Address Proof:

• Telephone / Mobile / Electricity Bill. Any connection to be at least 6 months old preferably in the name of the account holder / spouse / family member.
• Gas connection registration letter
• Income tax / Wealth tax assessment order
• Registered lease / leave and license agreement with a utility bill in the name of the landlord
• Aadhaar Card

ID Proof:

• PAN Card
• Passport
• Election Card
• Photo Identity issued by Government / Defence services / Public Sector undertaking
• Letter from recognized Public Authority / Defence Authority / Public Servant verifying the identity and photograph of the applicant.
• Driving License
• Employment proof

To open a Salary Account with Santnagebaba Multistate, you will have to submit a duly filled Salary Account application form. Download the application form, below.

Download Salary Account Form